How To Choose Great Picnic Blankets



How To Choose Great Picnic Blankets




You might think that theres no reason to get a blanket specifically to use on picnics that choosing any old blanket from around your home to sit on while dining al fresco would work just fine. Unfortunately, the kinds of blankets you keep around the house probably arent equipped to deal with pointy rocks, damp grass, dirt or leaves. If youre looking for great ; picnic blankets, its important to know what features to look for in order to have the best, most fun picnic experience possible.

Picnic Blankets Should Be Waterproof

While sitting on a thick vinyl tarp doesnt sound like it would be particularly romantic or fun, you dont have to go for picnic blankets that are solely made out of plastic. Most good picnic blankets will have one side with a thick, waterproof lining, in order to keep out moisture for more comfortable seating. As a great side effect, waterproof linings are far easier to clean than the soft material on the top, so wiping off any grass, dirt, mud, leaves or other detritus is as simple as can be. Also, a vinyl or vinyl like lining makes it more difficult for any sharp objects to poke a hole in your blanket!

Picnic Blankets Should Be Thick

If theres one thing thats true about the ground, its that the ground is pretty hard. Theres a reason its often referred to as solid ground, whereas chairs are usually referred to with adjectives like comfy. Sitting on the ground for a long, lingering picnic doesnt sound like it would be comfortable for long which is where your blanket comes in. Good, high quality picnic blankets are thick not so thick that they cant be folded or rolled for easy storage and transportation, but definitely thick enough to make sitting on solid ground a bit more like sitting on something pleasant. The more cushioning between you and the uneven things beneath your blanket, the less likely you are to take a sharp rock in the back if you decide to lie down and gaze at the clouds.

While its true that you dont need a picnic blanket in order to have a picnic, you definitely need a blanket in order to have a comfortable picnic. By choosing the perfect blanket for you, you can avoid all sorts of wet clothing, sore backsides, and unsightly stains.

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