Professional on Picnic Blankets

Danyang Boyi Travel Goods Manufactory is a qualified blanket manufacturer from China. We produce blankets in a variety of design and sizes and also provide finished goods such as Pincnic Balnket or Waterproof Blanket.we are guaranteed to be an expert in producing quality Picnic blankets. Moreover, we have passed international standards and have been accepted by many customers. Nowadays, Danyang Boyi Outdoor. is renowned for the quality of its products and become one of the leading blanket manufacturers.


Excellen OEM/ODM service

We provide many designs & styles of Picnic blankets which suitable for every lifestyle. A lot of awesome goods such as Pet blanket,waterproof blanket, are made with love. In case you are looking for your own products, we have a skillful designer team who can give you an advice. We proudly put forward any sincere suggestions about your exclusive items, based on our experience and creative expertise. All of them are sent worldwide, we willingly serve your needs wherever you are. Moreover, we aim to enhance a responsibility to a sustainable future. We do the best for our customers and our world. Please let us be a part of your simple life.


Social audit

Social and ethical responsibility have always been at the heart of our business ethos. With increasing consumer awareness,this is now a major issue for all responsible retailers. In all cases we strive to exceed the minimum labour standards. Our factory have been audited for BSCI and Kmart.

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Boyi warrants its products to the pruchaser against Manufacturing defects in materials or workship for 2 years after shipment.Boyi will repair or replace the defective products covered under this quality warranty.

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